GodWord is dedicated for the glory of God and My Savior Jesus Christ. It is my hope that both HisCompass Ministry and GodWord will become lights of Christ amid a dark world, and a source of unity for Christians everywhere. My life has been extremely blessed by the influence many great people have had on me. Both HisCompass and GodWord would not be the sites they are today without the inspiration and support of these people.

Mom and Dad.

Without the influence and support which both of my parents have given, both HisCompass and GodWord would not exist. My parents have supported HisCompass since its inception when I was eight-years-old. Without them, neither site would be here today.  Thanks Mom and Dad for providing the funding for my websites as I grew up!

My Brothers.

Harrison Frueh, Justin Graham, Jonathan Lyle, Charles Wallace, Mark Silverthorn, Mitch Amick,  Ben Bennett, and Hunter White.
These seven men are my best friends, who I appreciate and love greatly. They are some of the strongest Christians I know personally. Whenever I spend time with them, or even think about them, the best sides of my personality show. Each one of them has helped make me the strong Christian I am today. Their support for me while working on this project kept me going at full throttle.  It means a lot to be able to trust them with anything!

Central Baptist Church (College Station)

My community in the Central College Ministry and Singles Ministry has brought me closer to Jesus Christ, and I am so grateful for their fellowship and encouragement.

Cypress Christian School.

My former teachers and administrators at Cypress Christian School have given me their undying support and prayer, even after my graduation. They all encouraged me throughout high school to glorify God to my fullest potential.

Through the technology projects I did for Cypress Christian, I was able to use my talent to glorify God on a campus-wide scale. I would like to specifically thank Mr. Tim Kooiman, my technology teacher at Cypress Christian for encouraging me to learn many different programming languages. Although I was great with computers before I attended CCS, the opportunities to solve problems with computers at CCS helped me strengthen my talents and abilities. #Operation119 and the new GodWord memorization feature were inspired during a conversation with Mr. Kooiman soon after graduating from CCS and starting college.

I also would like to specifically thank Mr. Lubega Frankio, one of my Bible teachers for his great encouragement. I recall a time during my senior year of high school, he told me my knowledge of technology will take me far and will be a tool for God. He also said while the “black boxes” (a.k.a. my computers) can become a distractions from God, they can always be used, in the right way, to glorify Him. I enjoy every opportunity I have to return and visit one of Mr. Frankio’s Bible classes, where I have talked about all God has done in my life since graduating from CCS.

GodWord’s memorization tool was developed with past, current, and future students at Cypress Christian in mind. It is my hope this tool will encourage CCS students to memorize God’s word beyond what is required for their Bible class, help them achieve the highest grades in Bible class, and also help strengthen their walk with Christ.

HisCompass and GodWord’s Users.

It is my prayer for each user that GodWord and HisCompass Ministry will be instruments that develop deeper relationships with Jesus Christ. GodWord is not only a tool for people in churches or Christian institutions, it is a tool for everyone who wants to experience scripture in a fun and exciting way. It is my hope GodWord will be used by Christians like me, who may sometimes feel uncertain about what scriptures to share with a friend or someone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bible Publishers.

Without the generosity of the American Bible Society and Logos Bible Software there would be significantly fewer translations on GodWord. I am thankful for them and their support for web developers in sharing God’s Word in many different ways through their APIs.

I look forward to seeing what will come next in development for HisCompass and GodWord, and seeing both sites expand in their scope in the upcoming future. May the goal always be for God’s glory!

In Christ,

Evan McClintock

Lead Administrator & Founder

HisCompass Ministry | GodWord